How do I report a visual issue?

Upon receipt of your product, if the appearance grade does not meet your expectations, please check the grade you ordered when purchasing a refurbished product.

You can find this information in your invoice, attached to your order or available in you client account Hubside.Store.

See the different grades as categorized by Hubside.Store through this link:

«Perfect condition»: refers to a working product in excellent general condition. Its screen is in excellent condition and its shell may show some micro-scratches.

«Very good condition»: refers to a working product in very good general condition. Its screen and shell show some visible scratches or scuffs (scratches not very visible on the screen when the latter is switched on).

Good condition“: refers to a functional phone in good general condition, with aesthetic defects and signs of wear and tear, more pronounced and/or more numerous than those in “Very good condition”.

Fnd all information on products refurbished by Hubside.Store inour special article.

If the condition does not match, please contact our customer service.